Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I can't believe I did not post since Februari! Chicago

I can't believe I did not post since Februari!

Life has been hectic and I did feel sooooo tired a long time.
I am slowly slowly recovering but the hot summer does not really help me.

DH is home today so I have an unexpected day off today, one of the first since a very long time.

Lets try to start from Februari...

The first familly of my guests left somewhere in March : the twins their sister and their mother.
Life was a little more quiet after they left my very crowded flat.

Just before I left for Chicago the other little girl and her mom also went home agian.

ready to leave:  she was really cute and I miss her!

The last of my guests went home 18 june, after school finnished.
Can and Merve did finish their shool year here in Sel├žuk and can go on to the next year in hometown again.

And then I left for Chicago.
My room mate had to cancel last minute and I did not find someone else to share my room with.
Anyway I had a very nice quiet time there.
It was nice to see all my friends again, this year specially the petit pointer friends...
Here a picture of my table:

I took a workshop with my friend Kari Bloom, she is a very talented lady and a very good teacher.
 Thank you Kari!
I took this picture of the chair I made in my room, it is perfect with my big silk carpet.

And dinner with petit pointers:
                              me and Tamra, I don't remember who took the picture but I love it!

The show was 3 days now and after a flight of 12h. from Istanbul, the jet-lag, the stress of all winter and the 3 day show I was SOOOO  tired that after breaking up my table the last evening, I fell in my bed at 7 in the evening and did even not go down for dinner,  I was exhausted and slept until morning.

It is now end of July and I am still working hard...I finished a loom of carpets some days ago, started a new loom.   I also started making placemats for a customer and I am preparing my table for the 'Online miniature Show'somewhere in August -have to check out the correct date :-)-  so I am busy all the time....

I hope to put some pictures on my blog in some days!