Saturday, April 18, 2015

It is April already and summer is getting close.
The weather is a bit more stable, although maybe some rain tomorrow.

To  make it different than the usual flowers, here some birds in my garden:
A Turkish blue jay:

And a little owl, visiting us most evenings:

We did not yet get a close picture of these, we think it is a couple of hawks, here one hanging in the air this evening:

And yes, I did work a bit.
The order of pillows is on its way to the customer:

 and a pillow for the nursery :

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

again some months flew away ...

It is almost end of winter here.
We had some very cold freezing days.  It seems it was the coldest winter in 50 years in this region.
Several plants in my garden were frozen, I still hope some of them will recover.

When it was not raining we went for long walks,
After the very cold we had already some nice springlike days, the first trees are blooming already... 

And when it is raining or after our walks I start working on my miniatures,
usual under control of my bosses.

 I know it is a bit strange to see me working holding my work close to my face without my glasses, but that is the way I can see the fine work better

I am still working on an order of petit point pillows, the stitching of two is ready and the last one is going  fast because it is a twin of the second pillow: