Monday, January 28, 2013

update :-)

I am really bad in 'blogging'!

Maybe I can give excuses, I have been busy and stressed and and... so I will try to explain what happened:

We moved!
It is a big difference in my life.  I hope to retire from the shop in Sel├žuk (If my husband does not call me back there when the season starts!)
We did buy a house in Kusadasi - closer to his shop - and live in a very quiet , green place.
OK it is a long walk  -13 minutes :-) - to the main road and the bus stop.
It will take me half a day to go to the post office, and shopping will be not easy also (we still don't have a car).  Thanks to a friend living close by I get a lift to the supermarket now and than.

It is in a 'closed site' with 31 houses, in a big garden, and it has a shared swimming pool (nice for summer!).

This was before we moved,  most of the blinds are closed here: we get a lot of light at home!
And in this picture you can see the hill behind our house.
My workroom is on the first floor (we have only one :-)  ) where the little balcony is on the right - with the open blind.

It took me only some weeks to pack everything, clean the new house and move ...

A view in our living space from the kitchen, you can see we have cats :-)

from the living space to the kitchen, and I did not clean up before I took these pics ....

And most important my workroom.
When I am working on my loom I have a good view on the olive groove from my window,
and of course my cat(s) -only one in the picture- like to sit close when I am working:

The view: