Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hedgehog spotted!

Just some days ago I wrote I hoped to see a hedgehog ... and tonight my cats did discover one :)

Lucky discovered the hedgehog and did learn not to touch!

He looked a bit scared but escaped safely under my tomato plants!

I loved the visit!  I don't know why but I always loved hedgehogs.,
Once as a kid I had one as a pet for quiet a long time ... now I feel totally home here :)

Monday, July 8, 2013


Nobody told me the days would be much shorter after retirement :)
I was not as much on the loom as I hoped for, but I have been working on a 'stitching order', making some new crochet pieces for my weekly eBay AND working in my garden!

fire screen, stitched petit point, an order  to go with one of my carpets

Usual I put pictures of the tomatoes and other veggies, so here a picture of some of the flowers!

my DH and our cat ... and as you can see I have been stitching in the garden ...

one of the critters in my garden

I took several pictures of animals I see here, luckily for me I was not around when the first scorpion in the garden was killed, and I was already asleep when the cat brought her first snake home :)

So here some pictures of nicer meetings in my garden:

the tortoise was just outside of the garden.

Still hoping to see a hedgehog ... they say there are some around

And finally a picture of our second cat Lucky:

both cats love it here, I think maybe even more than we do LOL