Monday, March 17, 2014

more spring :)

Last week we went to some places to buy plants and flowers for the garden,

so now my garden is ready for spring:

In some weeks it will be time to plant the vegetables, so now we are finishing the winter crops of leeks, celery and beets ...and we all enjoy the sunny days:

And now back to miniature work!

Friday, March 7, 2014

spring ...

Even in winter time goes fast, March already.

We had a nice sunny winter only the last week we had several days of rain.
I have been working in the garden, working on crochet: I started working on a new Afghan - the other one sold -a colorful ripple Afghan this time.   And also working on an embroidery order:

For the rest just cooking and enjoying home.

We went for a walk with some friends, it is amazing ,only 30 minutes from home but we were in the middle of nature.  It was very nice although I did feel very tired afterwards :)

 Also enjoying the sheep and the lambs: view from my garden, at least this is less tiring :)