Wednesday, December 28, 2011

todays coloring session...

Elga, here a picture of the cutest one:

But they are all cute and sweet (when they don't make to much noise!)

one of the twins is missing on my pictures....

petit point, not yet a pillow...

today I finnished a petit point piece to make a pillow from, but because I want to make more pillows on the same piece of gauze I wait to cut and put the pillow together...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

playing with 'the kids'

Every evening when I come home from the shop -knotting miniature carpets all day -
'Our kids' are waiting for me, to print out color pages or play with them.
Some days ago they wanted to make hats and boats from paper, no miniature ones but BİG, so I took some old newspapers and we had a lot of fun!
Here some pictures of the newspaper hats!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

carpet I am working on this moment

and to have also something about my work: 
Since some Months I have been workng on orders so not much new pitures on my WS.
At least I can show here some of my custom made pieces.

This is the one I am working on this moment:  a Chinese 'art deco' carpet in fine silk

Finally trying to start a Blog!

Since last Month  (one and a half Month to be correct) life has been hectic here,
We welcomed 11 members of Mahmut's (my husband) family in our 'home', since the earthquakes in Eastern Turkey they were living in tents.
And because we live in a rather small flat :-) and there are several kids amongst them, life did change for us!

Because I don't have much time to post in my groups, or contact my online friends often, I try to make this Blog.  So those who are interested can have news of me when I have something new to share, miniature or every day life!
Hope you enjoy sharing a bit of my life!


some of 'our' kids visiting us in our shop