Monday, September 30, 2013

End of August already ... I again I did not Blog  :)

First of all I want to share a picture of my petit point progress,  I love to work on it but had not much time the last weeks.

Last Friday my mother, sister and brother in law arrived at a hotel close to my house.
Because my sis has health problems and they did not know my house they prefered to stay in a hotel and visiting me during the day.  I 'chartered' a friend with car to help us drive around.

Now they have seen  the house and the possibilities the promesses for next year are made already :)
Friday afternoon we picked them up at the hotel and had a very nice visit home.
Saturday morning I would take them from the hotel at about 11h.  When I arrived my mom asked to help because there was a man who wanted to ask me something.
So I got out of the car and started walking to that man who was sitting on a bench filming with his camera.
I found it a bit stupid he was filming me while I crossed the street, thinking 'where am I supposed to know him from' and when I was there he asked me how he could get to the beach ...
The moment I did hear his voice I knew it was my brother!
They made a surprise for everyone.  He and his wife (of 3 years and I never saw before) arrived Friday night and made the same surprise for my mom and sister.  It was really fun.  But of course now we had not enough place in the car to go to the market in Selçuk.
The men decided to go by 'dolmuş'  little busses running between the villages.  For them it was a bit of adventure.
We had a very nice time as you can see on the next picture:

And yesterday my sis and my mom stayed with me while the others went in town...when they were back we had a lot of fun.
It is a long time ago I did laugh so much as I did the last two days!

Ok when you read this Blog I count you as a friend and then I can show you the next picture without being ashamed .... when they came back from the shopping trip to town they had new Tshirts and  ... and no they are not drunk they are always like that LOL

I think I am the only normal in the family :)

So today is a day rest for me: they want to enjoy a day of hotel luxury.
I am sure that before the evening everybody in the hotel will know them!