Thursday, March 10, 2016

where did the time go?

I see I did not update my blog since April last year!
So much time I did not update, all summer and the last winter, spring is here again.

Some pictures of last summer:
My cat does not trust to much when I was swimming at the pool:

The sunflowers were back in my garden and the goldfinches loved them:

After a lot of time and patience I finished 'my coat':

And than it was winter, we had several nice walks in the olive groves.  I love the old trees there:

I worked on some orders, one of them a baby blanket:

I also did make several pieces of 'chicken scratch' embroidery, I loved it and will make more:

And then spring was back again:

with walks and enjoying our garden:

And I am stitching and crocheting again.  After making the same design granny shawl for years I really got bored with it and made a new design ... we will see when I list it on eBay if customers will like it, but I was so happy with how it looks I want to start another one ... but first some work on orders........