Sunday, December 1, 2013

winter again ...

Since more than a week it is really winter now.  Rainy days, colder - this moment 16C, nights about 8C, what is maybe not bad for you but after all those Months of sunshine it is different...but I am still lucky, when the sun shines we can sit outside in the afternoon all winter.

Any way we had a beautiful rainbow last week, it was a double one but when I came back with my camera the biggest one was fading away fast.

And for my miniature friends:  I wanted to prove for myself I can do a multi colored granny piece, so I started - already some weeks ago now - an Afghan/blanket.
I can work on it outside when the sun shines or evenings when my DH watches television.
In the beginning I really needed to force myself to go on and not give up.  It is not really what I do usual :)
So I called it my exercise of patience.  I am over half of it now. and start having fun making it.
Sometimes it takes me longer to decide about the next color to use than making the next square.
Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, I promise a better one when finished.  I need new batteries for my camera ... the only bad part of living in a very quiet place without having a car: it takes some organisation to do shopping!