Saturday, August 24, 2013

After finishing a 'long term' order I am finally free to work on what I choose.
And as it is still summer I like to sit outside in the garden, even the evenings.
So I decided to start a BIG petit-point carpet.

I started the design on the 15th of August and I only worked of and on on the piece .
My social life was quiet busy the last weeks, or should I say 'I finally have a social life again'?

The carpet is a challenge, it will be big!  About 7-1/2'' wide and about 11'' long
I made a little more than half of the first (small) border.  The larger border next to it will have a dark blue background and to finish I will also make a dark blue border all around:

I hope I will not give up on this one.
We have a 10th. update in the petit-po─▒inters group, I will try to update here also regularly.

And just for fun some pictures of our garden:
Mid summer daily harvest:

And two things you have to give your husband: water and fire :)