Saturday, December 24, 2011

carpet I am working on this moment

and to have also something about my work: 
Since some Months I have been workng on orders so not much new pitures on my WS.
At least I can show here some of my custom made pieces.

This is the one I am working on this moment:  a Chinese 'art deco' carpet in fine silk


  1. Hurray Ludwina, welcome to blogland! I hope you will post on a regular basis. The rug looks LOVERLY!!!

  2. Welcome to the land of blogging Ludwina, so good to see you here. The rug is fantastic, lovely colors and I just want to sink my mini toes into it!!!!

  3. Ludwina, Love the carpet you are working on, so silky looking. A beautiful pattern! Happy to see you blogging whenever the mood strikes you.

  4. Ludwina, congratulations on starting a new adventure! I am sure you will have fun. The rug looks very promising.

  5. Very nice - fun to see a knotted carpet in progress, and I like the Chinese Art
    Deco style!

  6. Welcome to blogging! I love seeing how you make your carpets. They are truly amazing. Please post lots of pictures

  7. Ludwina - this rug is stunning. And it's interesting to see a sample of your "real life" work - I've only ever seen your beautiful miniatures. :)

  8. Mary Lynne, I take this as a big compliment: This one is also a miniature one!

    Thank you all for the nice comments, tomorrow it will be finished, just in time for this year!