Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I am sure everyone knows by now I am not good at blogging :).  It is August already ... time flies so fast.

My garden is not as fruitful as it was last year but I still enjoy it.
The only thing what did grow very big were the sunflowers.  We did enjoy for several weeks the sound of the goldfinches visiting us having breakfast lunch and dinner at our place:

I worked on a petit point pillow order, the top two pillows, the bottom ones are also sold already:

And then I prepared for the Miniature Show Online what will open today.  I made several new crochet pieces:  some half inch scale bedspreads,

some crochet pillows:

and several doilies :

This year I also enjoy the evening walks and the tea with my neighbours,  it is the first time I have good friends in Turkey... maybe because it is only now that I retired that I have time for friends :)

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