Friday, October 24, 2014

Summer is definitively gone now, we had the first rains and it cooler outside now.
But we still can enjoy eating outside.

Finally finished the stitching order, and started working on crochet again. 
I wanted to do something different and made a hat ... working on a dress now, I have to restart today but I am learning :)
and I hope I will remember to put a picture of it here when I finish it.


  1. You have crocheted a very pretty hat! I love to crochet miniatures too.

  2. Oh, and the cats sitting by the table are adorable!

  3. Hello Ludwina,

    Glad you found my blog and decided to follow it- I've come to thank and to follow yours, I could not make it! ( something wrong with your follower gadget)

    Thus, I'll become a reader of yours, as soon as you fix this problem.

    Your cats are so adorable by the way!